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It's time once again to Strike Up The Band!

The Asheville Community Band began in 1979 and is the region’s oldest community band. Soon the band members will return to the Asheville High School Band room to begin rehearsing for their 35th concert season. Please mark your calendars for Oct. 26, Dec. 14, and March 22 at 3:30pm in the Asheville High School Auditorium and plan to join us for afternoon programs featuring a wide variety of wind band compositions. From marches to overtures, big band to concert pieces, contemporary works to traditional classics of the genre, there is guaranteed to be something to please every musical palate. Our patriotic outdoor concert at the Folk Art Center will be May 24 at 3pm.

Please note the time change for this season's performances. Concerts will begin at 3:30pm instead of the previous 3:00pm. Season tickets are available and offer a savings of $6. See our website link for ordering information.

Thank you for your continued support of the arts in our community. We could not exist apart from our faithful audience and generous patrons. Our mission is to continue to provide you with the best in wind band performance along with financial support of students seeking a degree in instrumental music education; keeping the musical arts alive and thriving for the next generation.